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As a Canadian looking to invest, the US real estate scene has a lot to offer. 


✅ Many opportunities for undervalued and off-market deals that cashflow

✅ You can buy properties without investing a lot of money upfront

✅ There is no limit on how many properties you can own

✅ There are different ways to pay for properties - US banks are big on lending for real estate

✅ Favorable rules for landlords


Navigating the foreign property landscape can be daunting and full of traps if not approached correctly. 

JK Real Estate Partners is here to guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you seize these opportunities correctly from the start.

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in US Real Estate

1. US Privacy Laws -  Get Access to Under Market Value Real Estate

The US has some of the strongest access to information laws in the world, which can greatly benefit real estate investors. Unlike other countries where personal information is heavily protected, in the US, information such as property ownership, contact details of owners, and even foreclosure or pre-foreclosure listings are publicly available.

This means that real estate investors have access to a vast amount of data and can more readily find motivated sellers, addresses, phone numbers, and other important information that can help with their investment decisions.


2. Financing options for US Real Estate - Tap Into Many Lending Resources

Investing in US real estate also offers a wide range of financing options, making it easier for investors to secure investment funding. Although conventional loans are not always available to foreign nationals, in certain states, Canadian banks want a piece of the action too such as TD, RBC, CIBC, and Desjardins. Unlike other countries where traditional bank loans may be the only option available, in the US, investors can choose from various types of financing such as hard money loans, private money loans, and more. 

Moreover, these US asset-based lenders focus more on the property than the investor's financial standing, making it easier for new or less experienced investors to secure financing.


3. Size of the US Market -  Capitalize on the Large Population

The US real estate market is vast, offering unique and favorable opportunities for investors. With a population of over 328 million, the US has a much larger market than other countries, providing ample opportunities for real estate investments.

Moreover, the diversity of the US market allows investors to choose from various types of properties, such as single-family homes, multi-family properties, commercial real estate, land, and much more. This diversity allows for portfolio diversification and provides a range of profit strategies such as long-term rentals, short-term rentals, fix-and-flips, and more.


4. High Rent to Purchase Price Ratio:  The ROI Advantage

Investing in US real estate can provide higher returns on investment when done right. This is due to the dynamic rental market and the potential for buying properties at a discount.

Many major cities in the US have a high rent-to-purchase price ratio, making it easier for investors to generate positive cash flow from their rental properties. Additionally, by purchasing properties at a discount, investors can increase their long term ROI and potentially earn even higher overall profits.


5. Low Initial Investment, High Returns: Boost Your Purchase Power

One of the major advantages of investing in US real estate is the ability to acquire property with little down payment. This concept may seem impossible for some, but it is a reality in certain markets such as the Midwest or other "higher cash flow" areas. In these markets, the average purchase price for properties is significantly lower compared to other regions, making it possible for investors to put down a smaller amount as their initial investment.

Moreover, in certain US markets, it is even possible to buy property in cash for less than the down payment required for a property in your home market. This allows investors to acquire properties without having to go through the lengthy process of securing a mortgage.


6. High Cash Flow: Unlocking Higher Returns on Your Investment

Investing in US real estate can provide a higher cash flow compared to other forms of investment. This is due to the potential for making $100-$500 in cash flow per property, depending on the chosen investment strategy and market within the US. With proper research and understanding of the market, investors have the opportunity to generate consistent income from their properties.

This cash flow can then be reinvested or used for other financial goals.  Additionally, with the potential for higher cash flow, investors have the ability to diversify their portfolio and mitigate risks by investing in multiple properties across different market segments within the US. This further highlights the lucrative nature of the US real estate market.



7. Owning Big: The Unlimited Potential of Multiple Property Ownership

One of the main reasons to invest in US real estate is the ability to own and obtain financing for an unlimited number of properties. Unlike some other countries, there is no cap on the amount of properties that a foreign national can own or get financed in the US. This allows investors to scale their portfolios to their heart desire and full ambition. 

In addition, access to financing in the US real estate market is more scalable and affordable compared to other countries. This is because asset-based lending, which focuses more on the value of the property rather than personal credit or income, is widely available. As long as a deal meets the key criteria of US real estate investing (cash flowing and discounted), asset-based lenders are more likely to provide financing. This gives investors more opportunities to grow their portfolios and generate greater returns.  So, investing in the US real estate market allows for more flexibility and potential for growth compared to other markets with stricter rules and limitations.  With the right strategy and approach, investors can take advantage of these opportunities and achieve success in the lucrative US real estate market.


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8. Guaranteed Rental Income for Landlords: Paid by the US Government

Investing across borders could be daunting especially when considering the possibility of having difficulty collecting rent. Of course, hiring a professional property manager should lay these concerns to rest but what if there was a way to further mitigate risk when it comes to making sure rents are always paid on time and in full?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Subsidized Housing! There are many governmental programs (some local, others national) such as Sect. 8 which pay for tenants rent. What’s more… Depending on the supply and demand of the local housing stock these programs can pay more than market average rental rates! Wow! 


PRO-TIP: A 3-bedroom apartment unit pays the same as a 3 bedroom house in these programs. So… if you are looking to get guaranteed rents equivalent to 2 single family homes, look for a duplex (or larger)!



9. Dollar Power: Getting Paid in US Currency

One of the major advantages of investing in the US real estate market is that it allows investors to receive payments in US dollars. 

This means that foreign investors, who may not have access to US dollars as their primary currency, can take advantage of FOREX (Foreign Exchange) opportunities and time the markets and currencies to maximize their returns. This can be particularly beneficial when the US dollar is weak, as it allows investors to keep their profits in the US and wait for the currency to strengthen before cashing out. This provides a great opportunity for diversification and mitigating potential currency risks for foreign investors looking to invest in the lucrative US market because investing in US Real Estate is like an investment inside an investment! Real Estate + FOREX = Double the Fun and Potential Returns! 



10. Investor Empowerment: Leveraging Landlord Laws for Effortless Evictions

In addition to the various reasons mentioned above, another factor that makes US real estate investment attractive is the landlord-friendly laws in certain states. These laws provide a sense of security and protection for landlords, which can be beneficial for investors.

The top 10 landlord-friendly states lare Ohio, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina and Illinois. Each of these states has varying laws that are favorable to landlords, such as efficient eviction processes, strong property rights, and low property taxes.

Together, Janie and Kyle became financially free at the combined age of 57 by investing in US Real Estate.

 Hi! I'm Janie! I started investing in real estate at the age of 19 and by the time I was 30, owned over 100 units of rental real estate... 98% of which was in the US. Now a full-time real estate investor, I believe that business growth and success is achieved in strategic and effective partnerships.
And, I’m Kyle! I became financially free at the age of 27 investing in US properties. As a math teacher, understanding and teaching “the numbers” comes natural to me. This ability translates directly to my effectiveness in creating systems for remote real estate investing.


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