Nearly a decade ago...
we started with $39,000!
3 years later,
we had 42 doors. 



Are you ready for true financial freedom?



I'm Janie 

Janie started investing in real estate at the age of 19 and by the time she was 30, owned over 100 units of rental real estate... 98% of which was in the US. Now a full-time real estate investor, Janie believes that business growth and success is achieved in strategic and effective partnerships.


I'm Kyle 

Kyle became financially free at the age of 27 investing in US properties. As a math teacher, understanding and teaching “the numbers” comes natural to him. This ability translates directly to his effectiveness in creating systems for remote real estate investing.

Together, Janie and Kyle became financially free at the combined age of 57 by investing in US Real Estate.


Purchase Price: $25,000
Rehab: $40,000
Total invested: $25,000 + $40,000 = $65,000
Down payment needed: $19,500 (30%)
3 months to complete
After-Repair-Value (appraised): $107,000

Rent: $1200/month
Refinanced at 65% of its value: $107,000 x 0.65 = $69,550
All Capital Returned and Rehab Loan Repaid

The Perfect BRRRR
(Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat)

Positive Cashflow after all expenses: $200/month*

Today, this property has been converted to a Short-Term Rental (AirBnB), known as Cleveland’s BEST Fun House!

It generates about $3,000 per month!

Our Promise to You


When you step into the realm of JK, it's not a transaction - it's a transformation. Our commitment is to deliver an unparalleled educational journey, wrapped in a world-class experience. We vet every referral with the meticulousness of our own investments because your success is our success. 

ifficult learning experiences drove us to vow that if we ever taught real estate investing, it would be with integrity, humanity, and collaboration. 

Our journey in real estate wasn't just about the money...

Despite the doubters who said “a nurse and math professor from Canada can’t do this”, we chose to forge our path, driven by the desire for true financial freedom.
Our goal : Make money while we sleep.

We understand that not everyone has the time for hands-on investing. We are here to help you find your way.

By building a vast network of investors, JK attracts capital and partners for deals, multiplying impact. Our venture began to secure family retirement but now extends to employees, partners, and community. Success means financial freedom and embracing the journey together.

Will you join US?

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