MAY 11th & 12th, 2024

MAY 11th & 12th, 2024


Let's hop on a bus to tour one of Forbes magazine top 10 BEST cities to invest in - Cleveland, Ohio!


Come explore Cleveland's neighbourhoods and visit properties that are available for purchase right now! The bus will travel through various neighborhoods both on the east side and west side of Cleveland! We will be walking through a bunch of different properties - some needing renovations and some being sold turnkey! Along the journey, we will discuss various investing strategies; including ways to recycle your capital for exponential growth!  Remember, you make your money when you buy, not when you sell! 

Come see that it is possible to invest at half the price, for double the returns!


You're the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with! Come discuss with Janie and Kyle and meet some members of the local Cleveland JK Power Team - realtors, appraiser, inspector, insurance broker, loan brokers, contractor, project manager, property managers (long term and short term rentals)!

Come surround yourself with incredible like-minded individuals who are also looking for opportunities in the US market! You never know who you might meet that could change your life forever!



Come learn about investing opportunities in one of the TOP US Real Estate Markets: Cleveland, Ohio!  Discover Cleveland's culture; its different housing opportunities and different strategies for MAXIMUM cashflow! We will review how to calculate your returns on investments; CAP rates, Cash on Cash returns, and the BRRRR strategy so you KNOW, from the start, that you are buying a good deal!

Come see that in Cleveland, respecting the 2 GOLDEN RULES of real estate - buying CA$HFLOW & EQUITY - is not only possible, but a MUST!




August 11-12, 2024

IMPORTANT: Attend with your spouse or business partner and get the 2nd ticket at 50% OFF. Email [email protected] for the discount code!

What People Are Saying :

Elena Dugarova

Thank you Kyle, Janie and your team for the great bus tour!   This weekend was full of value and information ! 🙏

Isabelle Mainville

It is true that, at the beginning it is stressful to invest because we do not know what we will get from it. There are many people proposing different classes and you do not know which one to choose, or which coach you can trust. Everyone wants the best match and best investment.

I can say that I was hesitant but because you and Kyle were from Quebec, that you had 10 years of experience, and because you genuinely seem to want to help others to succeed, I decided to trust you and start the journey with you. I do not regret it.

Amy Zavitz

Such an amazing weekend!! Love being apart of the JK Community!! Looking forward to our first leap into Cleveland real estate!! 💕

Michael Emanuele

Thank you to Janie & Kyle for hosting such an incredible weekend!

I couldn't keep track of all the golden nuggets and great takeaways from the event. Now it's time to reflect, process, and take action. It was equally great meeting everyone who attended and I wish you all abundance and success investing in the U.S.

Mike Nicholson 

Don’t miss the bus….I mean this event!

We can’t thank Janie and Kyle enough! Hands down one of my favourite events I have attend to date was the #epicbustour . This is where we learned the ground breaking strategy of using your own Locked in Canadian RRSP’s to purchase an amazing STR (Short Term Rental) that pays us and we get to use it.  

Ange Smith

We closed on our first property on February 9th, 2024. I went to Cleveland this week to check out the renovations that we had done and to see the property in person for the first time!
I was happy that I was able to connect with Tony Prater while I was there and to show him the after renovation version of the home.
If  there is one thing that comes authentic to me, it’s connecting with people. And I feel that’s what real estate investing is, connecting with others and being open to possibility.
There was a time when we felt a lot of resistance to the process, a lot of fears. And then we reached a point where we said it was do or die. If we didn’t move forward with the property we had under contract (this home) then we likely wouldn’t be moving forward at all with investing in the states.
We knew we had enough knowledge and more than enough tools at our fingertips that it was time. Nothing was standing in our way. Honour the speed at which you progress and keep going. Keep doing the things that will move your business forward.
One day I will look back at this moment of time and think to myself, "remember when it took us 1.5 years to get our first house and now we get multiples houses a month"?!
Leverage and growth is one of my goals here.
A BIG thank you to Kyle Duelund and Janie Grenier for the mentorship and everything that comes with it to fully be successful in investing in the US!!!

Prefer not going VIP but would like to get accommodations?

Book a private room in a shared house with other bus tour participants for only $100/night/room. Check-in May 10th after 4 pm and check-out before 11 am on May 12th, 2024.

Reserve your room HERE!