New Year Revolution

Tired of failed New Year Resolutions?


Join us for New Year Revolution—a program meticulously designed to ignite your dreams, empower your vision, and supercharge your plans with unwavering confidence.


  • The art of dreaming big and setting audacious intentions
  • Crafting a life vision deeply aligned with your heart's desires
  • Understanding the significance of blending masculine and feminine energies for a fulfilling life


January 20-23rd at 7pm EST for approximately 1 hour per module.


What you'll get:

  • Dream Letter & Vision Board: Craft a powerful Dream Letter and Vision Board, clarifying your dreams and visualizing them for tangible manifestation.
  • Creative Mindmapping: Learn dynamic Mindmapping techniques for holistic planning, connecting your goals and ideas for comprehensive roadmap creation.
  • Goal/Dream Pacing: Master effective goal pacing, breaking down aspirations into manageable steps for sustained progress and motivation.
  • SMART Goal Setting: Develop Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals to transform your vision into action.
  • Balanced Energies: Harmonize action and intuition, embracing strength and sensitivity for a well-rounded life experience.

Why It Matters:

Emotions drive our actions. New Year Revolution empowers you to harness your emotions, fueling your vision and propelling your determination to craft an extraordinary year ahead.

Join us in the New Year Revolution program and unlock the power to envision your year with crystal-clear precision. Equip yourself with SMART goals to transform your vision into an inspiring reality. Discover a profound sense of balance, confidence, and fulfillment that sets the stage for your most remarkable year yet.

$111.00 USD

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